Easy on the Pocketbook: Flats


Strawberry + Green / Navy Dots / Classics with Studs / Pretty Blue Cutouts / Leather Espadrille in Camo / Coral + Metal Toe Cap

Flats are your friend, gals! But, of course, you already knew that. My sister has a great collection of flats, and I find myself raiding her stash for a pair to wear to work or out to dinner or even to throw on for grocery shopping. The thing is, you can never-NEVER-go wrong with a cute pair of flats. These suede pair (how amazing are the ‘fresh strawberry’ and the ‘chrome green’ colors-whaaa?!) by J.Crew, which you can often find at a J.Crew Factory for even less, are so comfy! My sister has a tan pair with jeweled detailing on the toe and they literally go with any outfit. I’m really into making a statement with funky shoes, so, naturally, I think this coral and metal combo is so fun! For a feminine look, I love these pretty blue cutouts by French Connection. These leather espadrille slip ons are not usually my style, but I would totally wear these! What do you think of them? They definitely make a statement! And a classic pointy toe flat with studded detailing or polka dots is always a good choice!

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2 Responses to Easy on the Pocketbook: Flats

  1. Ali Mackin May 8, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

    Yes ballet flats are fun, but can be tricky when it comes to comfort. I bought a super pretty gold pair that were one of the most comfortable I had ever tried on. But still ended up with a blister on one of my feet. I think I may wear them with peds next time.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. Kelley May 9, 2013 at 10:09 am #

    Hi Ali,
    I can totally relate. I get blisters easily! Peds are a good solution-thanks for mentioning that! Also, the J.Crew flats I included in this post are suede so the edge of the shoe isn’t as rough as some other flats I’ve had.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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